I walked into the crazy entrepreneurship world when I was 15 & have been chasing these God-sized dreams ever since. I come alive while I’m screaming camp songs at the top of my lungs while prancing around picnic tables & when I’m walking alongside other gals who are chasing dreams & kicking booty (DAS YOUUUUUU).

First things first, you can call me G. I’m a biz owner, community builder, camp creator, & your very own personal cheerleader.

What’s crack-a-lackin, girllll?!


chasing these God-sized dreams

I'm a crazy ambitious entrepreneur and I can't let ideas sit around for very long--I'm a go-getter through & through in bringing things to life. I turned a silly little idea of starting a summer camp into an extremely well-established annual summer camp with hundreds of campers & a team of over 20 staff. I then wanted to turn my love for writing into something I could share with the world, so I made a little blog called letcha light shine, which has grown into a community of a few THOUSAND young women (oh yes, sister, you're included). I'm honored to work alongside so many entrepreneurs & gals who are determined to bring their passions to life. Work life is a dang good time because I love what I do every single day. I'm a self-proclaimed business geek who lovessssss the missions behind every business, but also nerds out over the stats & strategy behind it all. 

I love what I do!

Let me start by saying this:

... best for last: naps

My fam bam & BFF's (shameless plug bc they're cool)

Seeing the world, but especially Disney World

Writing any & every thought down into a journal

Strolling the aisles of target

Iced coffee with an absurd amount of cream

Summer camp shenanigans

Handfuls of chocolate chips

God-sized dreams

Some of the things I love most: